You Can Now Order McDonald’s Pizza And They Look Incredible

by : UNILAD on : 02 Sep 2017 16:47

McDonald’s have got us in quite a tizz, I’m still trying to contain my excitement as I write this!

You know when you’re hungover and you’re debating what fast food item is going to hit the spot, well it’s nearly always a pizza or a Maccy D’s, isn’t it?

Time to thank the food God’s because McDonald’s have now combined two of our favourite things! *Drools*


You heard right folks, the ‘McPizza’ has already launched, and fans have been getting ridiculously excited!

You can customise your dream pizza – selecting various toppings, sauces and even cheeses.

Toppings include mozzarella, (or another cheddar blend), chicken, bacon, or Canadian bacon and sausage.


There’s just one little snag though!

PeterLigerry Via Wikimedia

There’s only one McDonald’s in the world which sells McPizza, and you may need to book a plane ticket because it’s in Florida, according to The Sun.

The perfect pizzas – well it’s how I imagine them to be – cost around £6 ($7.99) and come with mozzarella and three toppings.


If that wasn’t good enough, the McPizza also comes served on crockery, so no grease seeping through!

20th Century Fox

The Florida store is meant to be heaven for McDonald’s enthusiasts – it has the world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s and PlayPlace and has a range of other sublime snacks which aren’t always available at other stores.

As well as the McPizza, you can get your hands on custom pasta dishes and sandwiches, before wrapping it up with a create your own, deluxe ice cream sundae on the desserts bar!


An array of cakes and waffles are also available to buy – someone get me there now!


It’s not the first McDonald’s restaurant to start serving pizza, but is the only one doing so at the moment.

Those who were fortunate enough to try a piece of the McPizza shared their deligh across social media:


Whatever you do, whether you go to Florida, or visit your local store, just take it easy with how much you end up consuming!

UNILAD recently spoke with a guy who took on the Big Mac Challenge – safe to say it didn’t end well – you can check out the video below:

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Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve suddenly got the urge to book Florida for my next holiday…

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