You Can Now Re-Fuel Post Workout With Your Favourite Chocolate Bar


It was a devastating blow for most of us when we realised that 10 minutes on the treadmill wouldn’t work off the pack of Mars bars we had beforehand.

But there may now be a way to munch on the more-ish treats without feeling guilty about it, because the popular chocolate bars have been turned into protein.

Yup, it’s official. Mars and Snickers can now be your post-workout treat.


They’re like regular Mars and Snickers bars, but specifically designed to be a gym snack. So instead of all the naughty ingredients we probably shouldn’t be eating, it’s protein packed. 18g of protein to be exact, and they’re under 200 calories each.

While it’s probably not a healthier option than some oatmeal or a poached egg, it’s a wise choice over any other chocolate bar if you’re having a serious cravings post-workout.

They’re not available in your local corner store yet, but you can buy them through Amazon for £2.19, according to The Express. And considering the protein business is estimated to be worth nearly £360 million by 2018, it looks like Mars is making a step in the right direction.

Mars Bars Return After Extortion AttemptGetty

Michelle Frost, general manager for Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats said in a press release:

Protein consumption is on the increase and has made the transition from niche to mainstream.

Our bars combine great taste, familiar brands, clearly labelled protein content to meet growing consumer demand.

Protein is one of the fundamental food groups for muscle building. It consists of amino acids, the building blocks for muscles within the body, and health experts have also linked it to stronger nails, hair and healthy skin.

That alone might just justify reaching for a Mars protein bar next time you have a sweet tooth – whether or not you’ve just been to the gym.