You Can Now Travel Through Mexico On An All-You-Can-Drink Tequila Train

by : Francesca Donovan on : 14 Feb 2019 10:47
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Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, TEQUILA!


All aboard the steam train; there’s an all-you-can-drink luxury Jose Cuervo tequila train in Mexico, and a ticket will only cost you a few bob and, for a lightweight like me, your dignity.

If the prospect of motion and alcohol sickness combined into one day trip experience is your idea of a nice break from the 9-to-5 then this is the day-cation for you.

The train, with its wood-panel walls and air of old school glamour, is decked out to look absolutely nothing like Northern Rail – picture the opposite of East Midlands trains and this is it.


Before all you tequila fans start exclaiming, ‘No way, Jose!’ the day does involve more than shots. It’s more of a sipping kind of occasion, actually.

It’s almost like tequila was a refined tipple long before clubs started selling it for 69p (lol), served up with a dash of salt from a sticky shaker and a slice of lemon which has been sitting out on the bar, fingered by other shot-takers, since doors at 10pm.

Who’d have thought?

The express, premium, and premium plus price points all include a round trip ride, an open bar, an expert tasting, a tour of the Jose Cuervo distillery and a Mexican cultural show.

The distillery, La Rojeña, is one of the oldest in North and South America combined, and has been producing the tequila company’s artisanal liquor for over 250 years.

While guests will have a chance to tour the facility to witness the agave process and stroll through the barrel-stacked halls, there are also plenty of other attractions, like the Margarita Bar and Plaza Juan Soriano.


Tequila is one of those drinks famous for its nasty habit of making people a bit angry, so combined with a train, this shit could turn very Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express between Guadalajara and Tequila, Mexico, where the train makes its round trip.

An added bonus for murder mystery fans, surely?

Just don’t invite Bryan Cranston:

…Classic Cranston.

The train trip will take you and your buddies – unless you’re into solo sipping – to Tequila, a town in Mexico’s western state of Jalisco and costs as little as $111 via Travel Pirates.

It’s known for its production of the famous spirit. Near the foot of the Tequila Volcano, the outskirts of town are dotted with fields of blue agave, the liquor’s main ingredient. Heaven.

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