You Could Soon Be Getting Table Service At McDonald’s

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jan 2016 16:32

It looks like everyone’s favourite fast food joint is about to go all upmarket, as 400 McDonald’s in the UK are introducing table service. 


According to the Retail Gazette, the chain are trying to compete with their rivals in the fast food landscape and also give the brand a facelift. The roll out will be completed before the end of 2016, following a successful trial in 14 test locations last year.

McDonald’s are also planning to double the number of locations selling premium burgers – part of their ‘signature collection’ – from 30 to 60.

Another ‘innovation’ which they are planning to expand this year are the digital kiosks, which allow customers to order from their tables and have food delivered.


The pilot scheme proved so successful that it will be implemented in revamped restaurants from next month onwards. So now – apart from when coming and going – we’ll actually be able to spend our entire time at McDonald’s sat on our arses.


Paul Pomroy, Chief Executive of McDonald’s UK, said:

We opened 26 new restaurants last year and our re-imaging programme is transforming the way we serve customers, and has been a key growth driver.

To date, over 300 restaurants have been refurbished and we expect a further 350 to be completed and reopened for customers by the end of the year – an average of one every day.

According to the Mirror, the announcement follows the company’s busiest quarter ever in the UK after it launched healthier side options such as fruit bags, carrot sticks and salads.


McDonald’s launched its first luxury restaurant, complete with silver service, organic burgers and all day breakfasts, in Japan last year, while the ‘concept store’ in Hong Kong showcases what the company believes to be the future of fast food.

The minimalist restaurant – ‘an experiment in non-design’ – features stainless steel, concrete, subtle lighting, oak and red glass in place of the traditional garish colours and branding.


Sounds lovely.

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