You Definitely Need These Pizza Waffles In Your Life


Apparently ‘brinner’ or breakfast for dinner is on the rise and with recipes like this you can understand why…

The ‘brinner’ movement began in the U.S, where New Yorkers lapped up milk flavoured with cereal, before making its way across the atlantic to British shores… and we can’t get enough of it.

But, the whole cereal thing can get a bit dull, so if you own a waffle and enjoy making pizza, then you have to try this recipe by YouTubers Food Steez at least once…

Introducing pizza waffles. They’re pretty much what they sound like and taste even better than you hope.

Pizza dough, topped with tomato sauce, pepperoni and so much cheese, topped with another layer of pizza dough and then waffled. This calzone-waffle hybrid is everything you want and need, oh, and it’s pretty fucking good for dipping sauce.

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Combining the best two meals of the day has never been so awesome.