YouTube ‘Mukbang’ Binge Eater Reveals How She Manages To Stay Healthy


It seems like the UK may have its first Mukbang star as the bizarre South Korean eating craze hits our shores…

Video blogger Lydie is cashing in on the internet craze with hundreds of thousands of people watching her binge eat KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King, Nandos and various other fast food, reports The Mirror.

The 25-year-old translator who lives in Yorkshire, set up her YouTube account, Mange Tout, as a hobby two months ago after being inspired by Americans and South Koreans who participate in the online phenomenon.

Lydie, who works as a language translator, posts one video a week where she chats to a camera and smashes her way through a mountain of takeaway.

She said: 

I started the channel because I just love eating. I can eat large amounts of food. It’s really just a hobby for me, I do it to fill up my time.

She posts one video a week, and the rest of the time eats mostly salad and vegetables and exercises three times a week.

Lydie – originally from France – says she often gets accused of not only being unhealthy herself but also promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, however she strongly disagrees.

She believes her videos can help people struggling with loneliness, eating disorders and anyone on a diet.


She revealed:

A lot of people think I eat this kind of food every day but I only do it once a week. It’s like a treat to me.

If you live and eat alone, the videos make you feel like you’re eating with someone.

I know that when I watch Mukbang, I don’t feel like eating anymore so in that sense anyone on a diet could feel like someone has eaten for them.


According to Lydie, her boyfriend was pretty sceptical of the videos at first but changed his mind when he saw how popular she was.

“He told me if I’m that popular and can make some spare cash from advertising, I should go for it,” she said.

I bet he did…