You’ve Been Squeezing Avocados Wrong Your Whole Life

by : Daniel Richardson on : 15 Aug 2021 09:53
You've Been Squeezing Avocados Wrong Your Whole Lifenude_nutritionist/Instagram/Pixabay

Instagram food nutritionist Lyndi Cohen has revealed how you should check an avocado is ripe without diminishing its flavour.

Cohen has developed a loyal following for her food tips and recipes, most of which contain avocados. The nutritionist has now imparted her wisdom on how to source one of her favourite foods, and it is surprising viewers who thought they already knew all there was to know about avocados.


While speaking about the food and admitting that she probably eats ‘avocado every day of my life’, the nutritionist revealed that squeezing fruit ruins some of the flavours.

avocado squeeze (nude_nutritionist/Instagram)nude_nutritionist/Instagram/

Instead of grasping the whole fruit and squeezing it to check it is ripe, Cohen says to ‘gently press near the top’ and see if it gives way. If it does, it is good to eat and you won’t have bruised the fruit or taken away any flavour. The content creator added, ‘If the skin gives in, it’s ready to eat.’

As someone who uses avocado frequently, Cohen has long discussed their benefits.

avocado squeeze (nude_nutritionist/Instagram)nude_nutritionist/Instagram/

In a post, she noted:

Avocados are amazing value right now, have you noticed?! If you need yet another reason to add extra avocados to your shopping trolley, it’s handy to know that they’re seriously good for your health. Turns out, foods that contain healthy fats, such as avocados may help enhance brain power. Avocados also have niacin, folate and vitamins B5 and C which may help your brain and nervous system perform at its best.

Whether you eat avocado for the taste or the health benefits, you can now shop confidently in the knowledge that you know how to check it’s ready to eat.


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