You’ve Been Using Ketchup Sachets Wrong Your Whole Life

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You've Been Using Ketchup Sachets Wrong Your Whole Life@ameliaholdsworth/TikTok

No doubt you will have, at various points in your life, found yourself faced with a plate of hot, salty chips paired with a couple of ketchup sachets.

I imagine, like me, you’ve always assumed the socially accepted way to make use of such sachets would be to simply squeeze out the entirety of the sauce in a little pool on your plate before chucking the sachet altogether.


I’ve personally never eaten this sort of meal any other way, and until a matter of minutes ago I didn’t even realise there was any other road to go down. Then I saw a revolutionary vid from TikToker Amelia Holdsworth.

Check it out below:


In this gasp-worthy vid, Amelia can be seen sat out in a beer garden, just like many of us have been over the last sunny few days. But unlike the rest of us, Amelia was busy pushing the boundaries of what chip eaters expect from our condiments.


You’ve Been Boiling Food Wrong Your Whole Life

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Taking a chip, Amelia can be seen dunking it directly into the sachet before popping it straight in her mouth. That’s right, the chip came to the ketchup and honestly it makes so much sense.

Those in the comment section were left aghast at this obvious yet pretty ingenious method, vowing to try it for themselves.

One person gasped, ‘Why am I so blown away by this?’ while another marvelled, ‘So obvious now you’ve shown us, but yet I had no clue.’

a different way to dip chips in ketchup (ameliaholdsworth/Tiktok)ameliaholdsworth/Tiktok

Although not exactly the most suitable method if you’re the sort who likes to dunk fistfuls of chips, this is a real game changer for those of us who like our fries smothered in ketchup, but don’t want to end up getting sauce all over our fingers. As Amelia put it, ‘Who f*ckin knew?’

Featured Image Credit: @ameliaholdsworth/TikTok

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