10 Games That Deserve Sequels

by : Ewan Moore on : 03 Mar 2017 13:59

It’s a sad fact that in the world of movies and video games, sometimes the brightest and most promising stars are the ones that don’t get the chance for a sequel.


For every Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty of diminishing quality, there’s a game that showed genuine promise and potential that – for whatever reason- hasn’t yet gotten (and will probably never get) a second outing.

I should point out that there are some games on this list that were actually super popular at the time, and the lack of sequel could be down to any number of mysterious reasons. I’m obviously not trying to say that games like Bully and New Vegas were somehow average.

Star Wars: Republic Commando


Oh, Star Wars: Republic Commando, how I loved you. Your irresistible combination of first-person fun, tactical goodness, and general Clonetrooper fuckery was a potent cocktail, and one I think a lot of gamers enjoyed immensely.

What really hurts is that in this case, there was supposed to be a sequel – reports suggest that a Republic Commando 2 would have had us carrying out the infamous Order 66 and hunting down every last Jedi we could find. How awesome would that have been?

Unfortunately this sequel fell through the cracks when LucasArts decided to clean house and ‘reboot’. Since EA now controls the Star Wars video game license, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a follow up materialise.


Ask most gamers which title they think most deserves a sequel, and I’d imagine well over half of them will tell you the clear choice is Rockstar’s excellent Bully.

Rumours of a follow up to the sublime open world adventure game that’s equal parts Breakfast Club and Grand Theft Auto have abounded for years, but we might well be in for a long wait.


Unfortunately (or I guess fortunately), Rockstar are currently working on Red Dead Redemption 2, another game that would definitely have made this list if I’d written it a few months back.

If I were a betting man, I’d say a Bully 2 is 100 percent on the way at some point – it’s just a question of when.

Simpsons Hit and Run

Man, Simpsons Hit and Run was a great game. Imagine Grand Theft Auto set in Springfield, in a series of compact sandboxes that are rammed with references and jokes alluding one of TV’s most popular families.

If it sounds awesome, it absolutely was. Everybody who played this game back in the day will attest that it was great fun, and while the general consensus is that a remaster would be great, I’d like to go one further and propose a true sequel, with a massive, interconnected Springfield to explore.

It’s a pipe dream, of course. The Simpsons aren’t exactly the commercial draw they used to be, so investing the cash needed to do such a game justice doesn’t seem very likely at all. D’oh.


Toby Fox

Undertale rubs a lot of people up the wrong way, and often puts people off even going so far as to try the game in the first place. Many point the blame at a ‘toxic’ community of fans – though as always, I’ve no doubt it’s a small but vocal minority.

The fact is that Undertale was one of the best games of 2015 – a bold, smart, and inventive title that turned the tropes of RPGs and games as a whole on its head entirely. To say any more would be to spoil the charm of the game, but rest assured it’s a journey worth taking.

Undertale really didn’t release that long ago, so there’s every chance that Toby Fox (who made the game entirely on his own) is hard at work on a follow up.

Given how much more I think there is to do with the characters, world, and mechanics of Undertale, I sincerely hope a number two comes sooner rather than later.

Pokemon Snap

The fact that we didn’t get a sequel to Pokemon Snap on the Wii U is nothing short of a modern tragedy – if that Fisher Price tablet was built for anything, it was surely a follow-up to the awesome N64 safari sim.

Obviously in this day and age of massive AAA releases, I doubt you could get away with releasing Pokemon Snap as a proper full priced release, but imagine it as a £20 digital download for the Nintendo Switch?

With all these new Pokemon, graphical enhancements, and the ability to upload and share our best snaps, I reckon we’d be on to a winner. Make it happen, Nintendo.

L.A Noire

Sadly, Team Bondi, the Australian studio that was responsible for the excellent detective action/adventure L.A. Noire has been shuttered, meaning a sequel isn’t massively likely.

That’s a real shame too, because it was a properly underrated gem of a game with a fantastic story, deep characters, and a beautifully realised world to explore. If ever a game deserved a follow up, it’s almost definitely this wonderful piece of work.

The good news is that publisher Rockstar Games refuses to completely rule out a follow up, so if we make enough noise they might just listen to our demands.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day


There needs to be a Conker’s Bad Fur Day 2, if only because I’m desperate for another throw down with the Great Mighty Poo. That guy was a hoot.

There was a remake/multiplayer take on the N64 classic a few years back on the original Xbox, but we have unbelievably yet to see a genuine second outing from the foul-mouthed little critter, and that’s a real shame.

Back in the days of the N64 there was nothing quite like Conker, a colourful platformer on the surface with a cynical and surprisingly dark heart – nearly 20 years later, and I honestly don’t think we’ve seen anything like him.

Fallout New Vegas

Yes, Fallout New Vegas is part of the illustrious Fallout franchise, but given that it’s more of a spinoff than a sequel, I think we could argue that it’s a standalone post-apocalyptic experience, and one that needs a sequel.

Given the depth developer Obsidian managed to cram into their little corner of the end of the world, I can’t be the only one who thinks there are more adventures waiting to be told in the New California Republic, surely?

Maybe Obsidian could set a sequel even further in the future, so instead of simply re-treading or slightly expanding on what we already saw in New Vegas, we could get a world that’s similar, but in many ways vastly different from what we remember.

If nothing else, Obsidian definitely need to make another Fallout game, because I know for a fact there are plenty of gamers who would argue New Vegas is the best of the bunch.

GTA Vice City


Like Fallout: New Vegas, in this instance I’m dreaming about a sequel to this exact GTA game and its world, because obviously we’ve had plenty of GTA titles since.

Plenty of people cry out for a HD remake of Vice City, and while that would doubtless be excellent, why take what came before and deliver a follow up? Rockstar flawlessly captured the seedy vibe of 1980’s Miami, and I’d be shocked if there weren’t more stories to be told there.

With today’s gaming tech, just imagine how much bigger and better the map could be too, with way more to do, see, drive, rob, and kill. Vice City 2 really is the dream.


Right. Look at the above screenshot. That’s a PlayStation 2/Wii game. Look at that and tell me it isn’t one of the most visually impressive games you’ve ever seen, because you’re a liar and a cheat if you disagree.

You’re allowed you’re own opinion (of course), but I do think that Okami’s art style is utterly sublime, and something we need to see more of with next gen power.

It wasn’t just a treat for the eyes either – it took a proper Zelda style approach to gameplay as we travelled the land meeting all kinds of odd characters and solving puzzles.

Okami is one of the most underrated games of all time, and it almost certainly would have gotten a sequel if more people had played it right out of the gate. A tragedy.

So, if we all close our eyes and wish hard enough, I’m 80 percent sure that at least one of the games on this list will get a sequel eventually. Keep the faith.

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