11-Year-Old In Wild Police Chase ‘After Playing Grand Theft Auto’



An 11-year-old boy lead Ontario police on a bizarre chase after apparently being inspired to hit the highway playing Grand Theft Auto V.

According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP’s Highway Safety Division, members of the public had tipped off the police to a car driving at super slow speeds and careering all over the highway. The police tried to pull the car over, but it sped off at over 70 miles per hour when approached.


When officers eventually got the car to stop, they were surprised to find the boy behind the wheel. The car belonged to his parents, and he’d gotten the idea to give it a whirl after playing Grand Theft Auto V.

Sgt Schmidt explained in a video posted to twitter:

Apparently, the little lads’ parents were at home at the time of the incident, and had no idea he’d gotten access to the vehicle and taken it out. Thankfully, nobody got hurt during the session, but you’d have to expect the kids’ parents to revoke his game time until he learns that stealing cars and going on joyrides isn’t really okay.