75% Of Fortnite Players Would Buy The Game If It Wasn’t Free, Survey Reports

Epic Games

It’s no secret that Fortnite is an incredibly popular game. Epic’s battle royale managed to bring in an enviable $3 billion in 2018 alone, and an estimated 40 million players log in to the game every month. 

With that in mind, 10Roar recently carried out a survey on a small sampling of Fortnite players and discovered, among other things, that 20% admitted to skipping school or work in order to enjoy a few rounds of battle royale goodness. I’m willing to be that a good chunk of the 80% who didn’t admit to doing so were being less than honest with themselves, too.

Epic Games

Perhaps one of the most shocking findings from this survey is that 75% of those asked said they would buy Fortnite if the game wasn’t free to play. One of the main criticisms often levelled at the battle royale is that it’s only as popular as it is because of its free to play nature. This kind of puts a dampener on that particular argument.

The rest of the survey makes for some fascinating reading, too. For example, 54% of users regret at least one in-game purchase, while only 1% were unaware that the game’s microtransactions didn’t provide any kind of gameplay advantage.

77% had dabbled with in-game purchases in other titles before Fortnite, with only 6% of those asked said they’ve never spent real money on the game.

In other battle royale news, it was recently discovered by various players that both Fortnite and rival PUBG have a bit of a framerate issue. Specifically, those playing the games with lower framerates will find their weapons don’t work as efficiently.

Epic Games has confirmed it’s working on a fix for the issue, though even a slip up like this won’t stop Fortnite from continuing to dominate the video game industry.