A Fire-Breathing Spyro Drone Is Flying Across America

Spyro the Dragon droneActivision

Is it a drone? Is it a dragon? Technically yes, it’s both of those things! It’s a fire-breathing Spyro the Dragon drone.

It’s flying across America to deliver a copy of the Spyro Remastered Trilogy to Snoop Dogg! Apparently it’s actually happening to help promote the upcoming release of the game.

Activision have built a genuine, real-life Spyro drone which breathes real-life fire, so it may journey across the vast expanses of America, and deliver a copy of the game directly into Snoop Dogg’s outstretched hands. Because, why not?

Spyro the Dragon DroneActivision

You’re probably asking your yourself ‘why?’ and it’s perfectly valid. The answer, is because Snoop Dogg retweeted the little dragon’s tweet, announcing how he would be returning.

Check it out below:

On his journey from New York City to Los Angeles, Spyro has set fire to a toasty look-a-like scarecrow and drag-raced a hovercraft across a swamp.

His update – in tweet form – read:

Ran into my nemesis Toasty. @SnoopDogg can you spit fire like this? #SpyroToSnoop #SpyroDrone

Which was then followed up with:

I’m down here exploring the Spooky Swamp. Then this joker pulls up revving his fan. Had to put him in his place. #SpyroToSnoop #SpyroDrone

Spyro will no doubt be getting into a few more situations before the game’s release on November 13, so keep your eyes locked on the Spyro Twitter page to see what he gets up to!

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