A Game That’s Been In Development Since 1992 Hits Steam This Week


Development on survival game UnReal World began in 1992. 24 years later, it’s finally coming to Steam in February 2016. That’s a long game – in more than way.

UnReal World started life as a graphical roguelike RPG taking place in the Far North long, long ago. It’s gone through a fair few changes over the decades, jumping from DOS to Windows, from a fantasy game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, to a historical adventure set in Finland during the Iron Age.

To put this into perspective: When this game came into being back in 1992, steam was known only for being a vapour into which water is converted when heated. In 1992, the charts were dominated by Queen, Whitney Houston, and Boyz II motherucking Men. In 1992, Prince Charles and Princess Diana seperated. It was a long ass time ago, basically.

UnReal World will be out on Steam for around £7.90 ($10.99) on February 26th. You can try it out right now over here. Nearly a quarter of a century in the making, so I’m expecting big things.