A Grand Theft Auto V Feature Documentary Is On The Way


Whichever you slice it, there’s no getting around the fact that Grand Theft Auto V is the most important game of its generation – a genuine cultural phenomenon, and the most profitable entertainment product in history.  

GTA V has literally outsold every piece of media that has ever been, and continues to make buckets of money year on year.

One would imagine its success is down to a mix of the core game itself – which was a masterclass in open world design and immersive storytelling – and the free online mode, which is stuffed with microtransactions and frequently updated.


Naturally, there has to be an interesting story behind such a behemoth success, and Screendaily reports that a feature length documentary all about Grand Theft Auto V is in the works, under the title The Billion Dollar Game.

Filming is currently underway on the feature, which is being directed by Rob Ryan, whose last piece was a documentary on weed farming nuns, brilliantly titled Breaking Habits.

The upcoming documentary will reportedly combine archival footage with exclusive new interviews, as it dives into the remarkable journey Grand Theft Auto V has been on.

The GTA franchise already has a rich and successful history, but it’ll be fascinating to discover just how such a massive game got made, and just how much time and effort Rockstar put into it (we’d wager a lot).

The next game from Rockstar is the long-awaited Red Dead Redemption 2 on October 26, with a rumoured Bully 2 apparently lined up after at.