A Multi-Level Mario Kart Race Track Is Opening


Hey, kids and overgrown kids! Mad for Mario Kart? We’ve found a cure for your numb thumbs and bums!

There’s a real life Mario Kart style race track in America – and it’s multilevel.

The 1,200 ft Branson Tracks design spans four levels and has plenty of room for power drifts and throwing barrels – although the rules don’t actually specify whether Dick Dastardly-style racing is allowed on track.

Branson Tracks

It’s called the Heavy Metal High Rise and is – obviously – rock and roll themed, which if you ask me is a huge oversight.

Built with a dizzying 4-story spiral climb, 3-tiered down slope, and featuring stage style lights – it’s as close to riding the Rainbow Road and seeing the sparkles of Princess Peach’s tiara as you can get without going all Tron.

Branson Tracks

The track is located in a family-friendly theme park in Missouri.

It has proved so popular they’re going to build another track beside Niagra Falls which opens in spring 2018.

Branson Tracks

Yoshi costumes and *woohoo* sound effects optional.

Start saving your banana peels, immediately.