A New Call Of Juarez Game Looks Set To Be Announced Very Soon

by : Ewan Moore on : 08 Oct 2018 09:47

It looks like this town is in fact big enough for two Western games. A new Call of Juarez has been teased, just days before Red Dead Redemption 2 finally launches. 

The Call of Juarez Facebook page recently updated for the first time in five years, which would suggest a new announcement is coming. That, or the admin forgot his password for a really, really long time.


A new banner image was added to the Facebook page, showing Call of Juarez main character Silas Greaves, along with the caption “legends never die”. Another image posted shows Greaves looking out across a canyon, with the caption “I haven’t been here in many years. Name’s Silas Greaves.”

Fans will recognise this as a direct quote from the opening of 2013’s Gunslinger – a digital only game that put us in the role of Silas Greaves as we embarked on a first person shoot ’em up across the Wild West.

That was the last game in the series. Given this was five years ago, it does seem highly likely that we’re looking at a tease for a new game, or at the very least a remaster of Gunslinger.


There’s also the fact that in April this year, developer Techland brought back the rights to Call of Juarez from Ubisoft, which would heavily imply that they plan on doing something with the franchise.


We’ve had four games in the series so far. Starting with 2006’s Call of Juarez, we then had a 2009 sequel called Bad Blood. A follow up set in the modern day known as The Cartel launched in 2011, and 2013’s Gunslinger rounds out the gang.

Of course, if you’re desperate for a Western adventure game, you can just wait a few days for Red Dead Redemption 2, which launches October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One, and looks absolutely massive.

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