A New Evil Dead Game Is Coming To Consoles And PC

by : Mark Foster on : 03 Jul 2019 10:54
A New Evil Dead Game Is coming To Consoles And PCOrion Pictures/Lionsgate Television

A new Evil Dead game is heading our way according to Bruce Campbell, the actor who played Ash Williams in the iconic 80s zombie romp, but it won’t be coming to VR.

Taking to Twitter to announce the news, Campbell confirmed that the game would be coming to consoles and PC, but stopped short of actually giving us any fleshy nuggets of proper information. I mean, I don’t know about you but I’d be surprised if a new game was coming out and wasn’t going to be on consoles or PC, but maybe that’s just me.


In the tweet, Campbell cleared up that the game would not be coming to VR, despite some rumours to the contrary. Not sure how well my old ticker could take flailing at zombies with a chainsaw while they try to chew my face off, but I’d like to have given it a go. Ho hum.

Campbell tweeted:

Hey, groovy gamers, this is a swell time to clarify some incorrect info that might be out there (including from me!): the upcoming Evil Dead video game is being developed for consoles and PC, not VR. Sorry for any confusion. Game on! #MyBoomstickIsTooBigForVR #EvilDeadTheGame


We also have no idea who’s going to be attached to the game for development or publishing, but we know from an interview with Bloody Disgusting back in 2018 that Campbell will be returning to voice Ash.

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There hasn’t been an Evil Dead game since 2005’s Evil Dead: Regeneration on the PS2, Xbox and PC, which interestingly enough was published by THQ.

‘Why is that interesting, Mark?’ I hear three of you ask. Well dear readers, it’s interesting because the once-defunct THQ was reborn under the guise of THQ Nordic, who have begun the process of reanimating a number of long dead titles, including Destroy All Humans and SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom.


It’s not known if THQ Nordic have the rights to Evil Dead as a franchise, but it would certainly fit the bill for them to be remaking all these old games and rebooting the popular zombie slasher.

Until we know more, I guess we’ll all just have to keep our shotguns loaded and our chainsaws gassed up. Groovy.

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