A New Mass Effect Game Is Coming, BioWare Confirms


BioWare has confirmed, once again, that a new Mass Effect game is definitely on the way. The studio promised fans during N7 Day that the sci-fi franchise hasn’t been forgotten. 

The poor critical and commercial reaction to Mass Effect Andromeda was certainly enough for most fans of BioWare’s RPG series to assume that it was going to be quietly put down, but the studio has reaffirmed several times over the years that this isn’t the case.

BioWare general manager Casey Hudson explained what N7 means to him in a special video, saying:

It means coming into the studio every day dreaming about what the next great Mass Effect game will be.

Meanwhile, producer Mike Gamble took to Twitter to say that the future of Mass Effect is “bright”, and that there are still stories to tell in the game’s universe.

Gamble told Eurogamer earlier in the year that Mass Effect is certainly not dead, but that the future of the franchise is essentially a case of BioWare and EA sitting down to work out the next steps.

For now, BioWare is hard at work getting Anthem ready for a February 2019 release, so it’s a safe bet that Mass Effect will be taking a back seat for a long while yet.

Even though nobody at BioWare is working on a sequel to Andromeda just yet, we do know that the studio has a small team dedicated to at least thinking about what the next Dragon Age could look like, so that’s something.

For now, expect a few more N7 days to come and go before we hear anything concrete about the next Mass Effect.