A New Walking Dead Game Has Been Announced And It Could Be The Best One Yet

by : Mark Foster on : 08 Jul 2015 11:31

The brilliant minds behind top-down game The Escapists have decided to turn their focus towards a new project – The Escapists The Walking Dead. If looks are anything to go by, it could be a huge contender to Telltales’ episodic saga.

The Escapists was one of the indie hits of this year when the 8-bit prison break action charmed the pants off gamers everywhere. Thankfully, developers Mouldy Toof Studios and publishers Team 17 (the genius’ behind the Worms games) have teamed up once again to bring us their version of The Walking Dead as it’s never been seen before.


This iteration of The Walking Dead will follow zombie-repellent Rick Grimes as he battles his way through an apocalyptic world aided only by his wits, his companions and his trusty Colt Python, all in The Escapists recognisable skin. Team 17 have confirmed that the storyline will follow the comic books pretty closely, and will instill a true sense of survival by any means. Players are encouraged to find their own, makeshift solutions to problems much like the characters do in the comic.

The unique graphical style is definitely going to be a huge selling point here, with the cutesy 8-bit madness feeling like a super-polished gameboy game. Like Pokemon. If Pikachu was a zombie.

Check out the intro mission gameplay footage by IGN for a taste of what to expect.


Coming out for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC (Steam), and with a release date of late this Summer, The Escapists The Walking Dead is undoubtedly going to be every bit as awesome as it looks.

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