A Nintendogs-Style Game Is Coming To Nintendo Switch


Nintendogs was one of the titles that helped catapult the Nintendo DS to ridiculous levels of success, offering the type of easygoing experience that could be played by casual and hardcore gamers alike. 

The pet simulation franchise was very much a flagship title for Nintendo during the DS years, spawning a number of spinoffs and sequels in which you could brush, feed, train, and generally muck around with a series of virtual doggos (and occasionally cats).


Nintendogs kind of disappeared in the years that followed. While we saw a sequel for 3DS in 2011, it very much looked like these particular dogs had had their day.

But while Nintendo might have forgotten about the appeal of their digital doggos, it seems that not everyone has. Nintendo Life reports that a brand new Nintendogs-style game is in the works, as announced by Japanese gaming mag Famitsu. 

The adorably titled Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is bringing the virtual pet concept to Nintendo Switch. The game will be developed by Japanese company Imagineer, and – as you may have guessed from the title – includes cats into the mix.

A smart move, given cats are much, much better than dogs.


Imagineer promises their game will stand out from the pack thanks to plenty of Switch-specific features, including detailed models and animations for our furry friends, and “the feeling of true interaction” with the pets thanks to the console’s HD Rumble feature.

You’ll be able to choose from plenty of breeds of cat and dog, each with their own cries, patterns, colours, and behaviours. You can also dress your animals up in over 400 different costumes, if that’s really what you’re into.


If you’re desperate to scratch that Nintendogs itch, Little Friends has a Japanese release date of December 8, so we can hopefully expect it in the West a little after that.