A Petition Has Launched To Make Popular Card Game ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ An Olympic Sport

by : Emily Brown on : 03 Aug 2021 18:53
A Petition Has Launched To Make Popular Card Game 'Yu-Gi-Oh' An Olympic SportPA Images/Netflix

More than 4,500 people have signed a petition to make ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ an Olympic sport after a passionate internet user described its exclusion from the games as an ‘absolute injustice’. 

Some people might consider the card game as a fond memory from their childhood, or in my case as an activity that my older brother would never let me take part in after school, but for Xiran Jay Zhao, it’s so much more than just a card game.


In a petition on Change.org, Zhao argued Yu-Gi-Oh should be considered a ‘legitimate sport in the Olympics’ as it ‘requires dexterity (when drawing the cards), athleticism (when playing the cards), and endurance (when you’re in round 10 of a [ Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series]).’

Players with Yu-Gi-Oh cards (PA Images)PA Images

For anyone who’s not familiar with the trading card game – whether due to its lack of inclusion in the Olympics or not – players collect cards to construct decks of 40 or more cards which they then use to face off against opponents in games based on strategy, luck and skill.

The Yu-Gi-Oh universe, which is filled with monsters, spells and traps, consists of a manga series, television series and several video games, as well as the trading card game. If Zhao gets her way, though, we may be adding ‘Olympic event’ to that list.


Created last week, when Tokyo 2020 was already well underway, the petition addresses the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and calls for Yu-Gi-Oh to be added as an official Olympic sport ‘to both mend this injustice and to apologize to Japan for making them go through with the 2020 Tokyo games.’

The petition has a goal of 5,000 signatures and at the time of writing, August 3, is just a few hundred signatures away from success.

Fans of the game have echoed Zhao’s support for its inclusion in the Olympics, with one person who signed the petition writing: ‘This game is a legitimate sport, it’s a test of body and spirit.’


Another person commented: ‘Amazing idea not only would I want to participate I would make the argument it would be more watched than any professional sport.’

Only time will tell whether the IOC will pay any attention to the petition, but with skateboarding only just having made its debut at the Olympics, it’s evident there’s still hope for new sports yet.

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