A Scum Bug Caused Penises To Grow Uncontrollably


Scum continues to be one of the most entertainingly ridiculous games of the year, thanks to a bug that causes rapid and uncontrollable expansion to the player character’s roger. 

A recent update to the open world prison survival game allowed players to spend attribute points on the size of their penises – attribute points that could otherwise have been spent on useful stats, since a larger penis doesn’t really add anything to the Scum experience.


Brilliantly, the rollout of this feature was, *achem* shafted by a number of willy-based glitches, including one bug where your (in-game) penis would grow bigger every time you logged in to play.

While I’m sure there are plenty of gamers who would have loved for this particular glitch to be allowed to continue unimpeded (or unimpenised), Gamepires has sadly now released a hotfix addressing the issue.

There were also two other wang-related glitches that have now been fixed, although they weren’t quite as entertaining. One involved your hands and penis glitching into place if the urination animation was interrupted, and the other allowed you free reign to adjust the size of your lad without affecting other attributes.

The recent Wild Hunter update does also feature a ton of new features that aren’t related to genitalia, such as new animals to hunt and craft with, new bow and arrow skills, and new musical instruments to play around with.

These are all great, but the knob-slider really does kind of steal the show.


Wangs aside, you can check out all the other fixes and improvements that Gamepires added to Scum over on Steam.