A Supermarket Has Converted Its Trollies Into Mario Karts And The Shop Into A Track


A supermarket has got into the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe spirit, swapping their trolleys for Mario Karts in a stroke of absolute genius. 

The new Mario game is about to drop for Nintendo Switch, so supermarket Target decided to inject some fun into the otherwise, pretty boring task of shopping and transform their trolleys into Mario Karts, reports Mashable.

The American supermarket chain is clearly so keen to get into the swing of things, they’ve also added starting-lines at the entrance and Mario-themed music and lights strewn through the aisles.


Essentially, the supermarket are encouraging customers to whizz round on their weekly shop with a Mario Kart in tow and even if you’re not a fan of the game, it’s the best idea ever (at least to hit a normally dull and soulless supermarket anyway).

Things are obviously going to get out of hand and there’s a definite health and safety risk here, but hey, who are we to stop the fun?

It’s entirely possible people are going to try and re-ignite a Supermarket Sweep re-run (remember that?) and charge round at break-neck speed, thrusting things into their trolleys as fast as they can.

A collision or a brawl over who grabbed the last of the loo rolls is entirely plausible, but isn’t that all part of the joy?

Sadly, the karts will only be about until next week – when Mario Kart 8 Deluxe drops on April 28 – so if you fancy a ride round the isles, you’d best hotfoot it now.

I wish everyday could be a Mario Kart day though…