Aladdin And Lion King Remasters Officially Confirmed For October

by : Ewan Moore on : 29 Aug 2019 11:03
Aladdin And Lion King Remasters Officially Confirmed For OctoberAladdin And Lion King Remasters Officially Confirmed For OctoberDisney

Following yesterday’s rumours, it’s now been confirmed that a remastered collection featuring the 90’s SNES/SEGA Genesis titles Aladdin and The Lion King is on the way. Two excellent movie tie-in games made for children (that ended up being infamously difficult and ruining childhoods). 


Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King is being developed by Nighthawk Interactive and Digital Eclipse. It’ll feature upscaled HD visuals, as well as the option to play the Sega Genesis and Game Boy versions of both games in their original resolutions, with the SNES version of The Lion King also included.

Check out the trailer below. This is a great day, truly.

It doesn’t stop there though, my Disney loving dudes. You can tweak the games with multiple visual enhancements, choose which version of the soundtrack you want to listen to while you play, and even customise the controls to suit you.


If you’re worried about putting yourself through the punishing difficulty of these classic titles (especially The Lion King), then worry not; the collection will come with a number of special features and cheat codes designed to make the experience more accessible and much less grueling, including the ability to rewind or fast forward to any point in either game.

So, if you really want to skip the waterfall level in The Lion King, now you can. We won’t judge you. We’ll have no way of knowing. You’ll know what you did though. I just pray you’ll be able to live with yourself, you disgusting, lazy slob.

I’m joking obviously, please enjoy the video games made for children in whatever way you see fit. My secret shame is that I never came close to finishing The Lion King, as we could only really afford to rent games over weekends when I was growing up.

I got so angry at my constant failures in the SNES version that my parents wisely opted to never rent that particular game again for the sake of my health, and the health of the one controller we owned.


As such, I’m super excited to have a chance to get back to The Lion King and beat it – whatever it takes. Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on October 28.

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