Alien: Isolation Sequel Featuring The Nostromo Teased By Fox

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox appear to have teased a new Alien game starring Amanda Ripley. Given that Ripley was the protagonist of the excellent Alien: Isolation, we can probably assume this means the new project will be a sequel of sorts. 

A tweet on the official Alien Twitter account claims that Ripley’s story “deserves to be told”, describing her as “daughter, rebel, hero.”

At 14 seconds long, the tease invites us to “read, play, and watch” with the quick look at Ripley we get looking very much like it’s from a video game. Check it out below.

A second teaser soon revealed that whatever this project is, it’ll be out this year and will see Ripley discovering the horrifying secrets of the Nostromo, which fans will know as the ship the original 1979 Alien movie took place in.

Teaser number two (which you can see below) once again bears the “read, watch, play” tagline, implying that this could be something more than a video game. PC Gamer notes it could perhaps be some kind of mixed media release, which seems likely.

Back in November, 20th Century Fox trademarked an unannounced video game called Alien: Blackout. It’s possible that Blackout will form at least part of whatever these Twitter teases are building up to.

It’d certainly be cool to see an interconnected Alien comic book, movie, and video game in 2019 to celebrate the iconic sci-fi franchise in style on its 40th anniversary.

Hopefully we’ll learn more soon, but the teases really do imply some kind of interactive horror experience. As long as we finally get a sequel to Isolation, I’m happy.