All Your PC And Console Games Could Soon Be Available Under One Roof

by : Ewan Moore on : 23 May 2019 09:48
All Your PC And Console Games Could Soon Be Available Under One RoofAll Your PC And Console Games Could Soon Be Available Under One RoofRocksteady/CD Projekt RED

With a growing number of subscription based services, consoles, and digital storefronts, it can slightly tricky for gamers who play on multiple platforms to keep track of everything.

GOG Galaxy 2.0, which was recently announced, is an ambitious new service that’s looking to remedy this issue by combining all of your data under one roof, meaning your games, play time, achievements, online friends, and more will all be stored in one handy place.


This sounds like a pretty massive expansion on the original GOG Galaxy, which is basically just an optional Steam-like client that you can run games purchased from GOG’s digital storefront on.

Galaxy 2.0, meanwhile,will (in theory) connect up with all your separate online accounts and platforms, consoles included. We don’t yet have a list of platforms or consoles that will work with Galaxy 2.0, though a rep confirmed to PC Gamer that the plan is “to have all major platforms officially integrated in the app.”

The ideas is that Galaxy 2.0 will import over gaming libraries and friends lists from the likes of Steam and Origin, while supporting cross platform chat and various ways to organise your newly combined collection of titles.


It’s not entirely clear exactly how all this will work right now, as details on Galaxy 2.0 seem to be fairly sparse. An FAQ on the company’s site notes that adding games will be done through “official and community created integrations.”

From the FAQ:

In GOG Galaxy 2.0 you’re adding games through official and community created integrations. By connecting platforms, the data about the games you own is automatically imported to the application. On top of that you will also be able to manually add single games that are not connected to any platform.


GOG did stress that even with all the data it’s collecting from your various, it won’t be spying on you, invading your privacy, or doing anything with your data without your consent. It’s fairly basic privacy stuff, but it’s worth pointing out.

You can sign up to the GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta here, and get (a little) more information on launcher. The whole thing will be free upon launch, although there’s no specified start date for it just yet.

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