An R Rated Alien: Isolation Animated Series Is Reportedly In The Works


We might never get a proper sequel to the excellent survival horror Alien: Isolation, but it looks like we will be getting a new animated series inspired by the game, so… that’s something. I guess. 

Following the much-maligned announcement of mobile game Alien: Blackout at the start of the year, it seems that Amanda Ripley’s ongoing saga will be told over various forms of media, including a comic book.

Alien from Alien IsolationFox

Everything except a proper sequel, basically. Unless Fox is using this multimedia attack as a way of really building hype for a full Alien: Isolation sequel that is, in which case I will merrily gobble my words.

According to report from Observer, a seven-episode animated show is currently in development from Axis Animation, which is the studio that created all those gorgeous CG cutscenes for Alien: Isolation.

It’s also worked on cutscenes for a number of other AAA titles, including Destiny 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, Heroes of the Storm, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

It also makes sense that we’d be getting a series following the “Read, Play, Watch” slogan that was released alongside the Alien: Blackout reveal, with the comic book, game, and TV show completing the trinity of buzzwords.

Details on the animated series are currently thin on the ground, but we can probably assume that it will tie into the new game and comic book, which will continue Amanda’s fight against those pesky Xenomorphs.