Another Member Of Mass Effect Andromeda’s Team Leaves BioWare


Cameron Harris, a senior editor at BioWare (the developer behind Mass Effect) has announced that she’s leaving the studio, and the games industry as a whole next month. This marks the third staff member to leave BioWare in as many months – what’s going on?

Harris announced her decision on Twitter in the usual way: She was thankful for her time at BioWare while discussing new opportunities down the road.

Weirdly enough, Mass Effect Andromeda lead writer Christopher Schlerf left BioWare last month for a job in Seattle, too. Although Schlerf remains in the games industry to work with Bungie, so it’s probably just an odd coincidence, not some kind of sinister mass exodus from the company.

Harris had been with BioWare for a few years, having joined the studios in 2012. Some of her projects include Gears of War 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and of courseMass Effect: Andromeda. Quite the CV.

She also gave a very interesting talk back at GDC in 2014, in which she discussed the importance of an editor in gaming projects. Check it out below if you fancy.

As well as Harris leaving for pastures unknown and Schlerf departing for Bungie, David Gaider (head writer of the Dragon Age) franchise left the studio earlier in the year to join Beamdog, the current team behind Baldur’s Gate. 

Don’t cry BioWare. We still love you.