Apex Legends 24 Person Squads Uncovered By Dataminers


Only last week dataminers uncovered evidence in Respawn’s battle royale Apex Legends that suggested Duos and Solos modes would be coming to the game. 

At the moment the only way to enjoy the free to play game is to jump into a team of three, but it seemed pretty clear even without datamining for secrets that this wouldn’t be the case for long.


Now, a little more data mining has dug up the possible existence of six, 12 and 24 man squads, which would put Apex Legends in line with other battle royale games in terms of match size and variety.

Gaming INTEL first reported that data miner ApexGameInfo on Twitter (who found evidence of the Solos and Duos) was responsible for digging up these intriguing new nuggets of information.

It also looks like Bots will be making their way to the game, which is splendid. Datamined information should never be taken as direct confirmation of course, but it certainly seems like Respawn have big plans to keep improving Apex Legends.

In other leaky Apex news, ApexGameInfo also believes they’ve found evidence that the giant robo Titan suits from Titanfall will be making an appearance in the battle royale at some point.

Some coding found in the game that reads, “GetDefaultTitanSegmentHealth,” with a value of 2500, as well as another bit of coding that implies players will be able to see enemies from further away while inside a Titan.

Interesting stuff, to be sure. Once again though, nothing is set in stone until Respawn confirms it. It never hurts to dream though.


Respawn boss Vince Zampella has said that the journey is very much just beginning for Apex Legends. With the roadmap of officially confirmed content and all these intriguing new leaks, I’d say this is one game that’s not going anywhere for a while.