Apex Legends Has Dragon Swarms Now, And It’s Intense

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It appears that the dragons have finally descended to cause chaos in Apex Legends, presumably ahead of whatever major shake up developer Respawn has planned for the battle royale going into Season 2. 

Multiple players have reported spotting the winged beasts around the map, which actually greatly resemble the Flyers which appeared in the Titanfall games. This makes sense, given that Apex Legends is set in the same universe as Respawn’s other underrated shooter franchise.


I’m still gonna call ’em dragons though. Dragon sounds cooler than Flyer, right?


A number of screenshots, videos, and updates on the situation are being shared by the community on the Apex Legends subreddit. Apparently, you can actually bring the dragons down in order to bag yourself some loot, though it’d be wise to not underestimate them.

Elsewhere on the map, players have noticed that the Leviathan that patrols the waters surrounding the playable area seems to be making its way even closer to the island. I’d imagine that the dragons and the Leviathan are both related to the impending events of Season 2.


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The trailer for Season 2 that EA showed off just before E3 2019 teased a giant lizard-like eyeball at the very end, so all signs point towards some kind of monster infestation dominating the foreseeable future of Apex Legends.

Dataminers first spotted hints that dragons would be coming to Apex Legends back in March, when a file called “FlyerSwarm” was uncovered, along with a leaked screenshot (below), which showed what a swarm could look like. It certainly matches up with what’s happening in the game presently.

Fortnite has remained immensely popular due its regular updates, which often change up the state of the map in unexpected and massive ways. Respawn has yet to do this with Apex Legends, but the developer has previously said it’s happier with delivering content at a slower rate in order to allow for quality and avoid burnout among staff.


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