Apex Legends Is Getting A New Weapon Called Havoc Today


Respawn Entertainment has announced that a new weapon is making its way to the super popular (and free to play) Apex Legends today. 

More weapons is always a good thing, after all (in a video game at least). Respawn made the announcement on the official Apex Legends Twitter account, posting a brief video of the weapon in action.

Check it out below:

The weapon is fittingly called Havoc, and seems to be an automatic rifle with some kind of alternate ability to charge up shots. I very much look forward to players who can’t use it calling for it to be nerfed within the first 24 hours. Havoc should be available today (February 20) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

In other Apex news (because this whole weapon thing was kind of brief and I have a word count to fill), a Twitter account called ApexGameInfo has been busy digging through the game’s files and discovering a few intriguing potential nuggets of things to come.

Among those nuggets was found hints that Duos and Solos could make their way to the game, as well as six, 12, and even 24 person squads. It’s all terribly exciting, if currently unconfirmed.

They also found evidence that the Titans from Respawn’s underrated Titanfall series could eventually find their way into Apex Legends, though Respawn boss Vince Zampella has previously suggested he feels the giant robots would kind of unbalance the battle royale experience.


Beyond a new weapon and the potential of these new modes, Respawn has also confirmed a roadmap of official content for the game that will drop regularly over the next 12 months.

It’ll include new characters, loot, and weapons. Some of this will be unlockable through gameplay alone, but certain cosmetic items will be exclusive to the game’s battle pass. Fair enough to be honest, it’s a free game and Respawn have to eat too.