Apex Legends Is Getting A Valentine’s Day Update For You Lonely Hearts


Apex Legends is celebrating its incredible first week, and Valentine’s Day, with a few romantic cosmetic items in honour of Cupid himself. 

These special Valentine’s Day items will only be available in the free to play battle royale until February 19, so act fast if you want to add these slinky new additions to your collection.


Respawn revealed what exactly has been added to the game in a post on Reddit. There’s a wonderful “love of the game” banner frame for Pathfinder, and a sweet “Through the Heart” skin for the Longbow sniper rifle.

There’s also a new limited time banner badge called “Live Die Live” that can be earned if you revive a teammate before February 19, so make sure you’re getting out there and taking care of your fellow players.

I mean, you should be already, but now you have a solid reason.


Less romantic – but certainly more crucial – are the number of updates and improvements Respawn has added to Apex Legends. These fixes improve papering over cracks in the map to prevent players from glitching through, improved stability, and a minor tweak to Bloodhound’s ultimate ability.

It’s a great start, Respawn noted there’s still work to be done:

We still have a lot of work to do. and we hear those frustrated by disconnects and crashes and are working to improve stability and performance as well as provide more visibility for everyone.


Aside from bug fixes and increased stability, we can also expect a number of bigger changes going forward, including new maps, potential crossplay, and characters in the coming months.

There’s even been talk of Solos and Duos modes being added to the game, but these references were found by a dataminer and have yet to be officially announced.