Apex Legends Players Solve Easter Egg And Summon Giant Dinosaur


Yesterday we reported on a curious little Apex Legends Easter Egg that Reddit had banded together in an attempt to solve. As predicted, it took them less than a day to crack it. 

A number of “Nessie” plush toys can be found scattered throughout the free to play battle royale, in reference to a long running Loch Ness Monster Easter egg that Respawn has included in most of its titles, including Titanfall.


While many might have assumed that the hidden plush toys was all there was to this Easter egg, one eagle-eyed Redditor posted an intriguing image of his killfeed with the message “A Nessy Appears.”

No one was entirely sure what this meant, if it really meant anything. Luckily, a Respawn Community Manager took to the thread to give some encouragement by confirming that they were “onto something.”

Banding together, Reddit soon discovered that the Nessy message appeared on the killfeed whenever someone found one of the plush toys and shot the poor lil dude.


It wasn’t long before r/nessysecrets was created so that everyone interested in solving the Easter egg could team up and collate all their findings in one space. As it turns out, there are ten tiny dinos hidden across the map in total.

Shooting them all in a specific order in the space of one match summons one giant Nessy, which rises from the ocean on the edge of the map. Unfortunately, you can’t really see it very well, and the pink hue makes it look far more phallic than I think Repsawn intended it to.

Check it out for yourself below, as well as a guide on how to find all the sneaky mini Nessys:

Regardless of the end result raising some eyebrows among the more dirty-minded of us, it’s always great to see a community band together to solve an Easter egg in such rapid time.