Apex Legends Will Soon Let You Ditch Teams And Play Solo

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Apex Legends Will Soon Let You Ditch Teams And Play SoloEA

If like me, you’re constantly torn between enjoying multiplayer games and your burning hatred for relying on other human beings, I have some good news for you Apex Legends players; Respawn has announced a Solos mode, and it’s coming next week. 

The developer announced Solos mode will be arriving in the popular battle royale next Tuesday (August 13), though it won’t be sticking around for long. It’s actually being added to the game as part of something called “The Iron Crown Collection Event”, which ends August 27.


Hopefully, Respawn is using this event as a test to see if Solos work in Apex Legends, and if people would actually enjoy such a mode on a long-term basis. If it goes well, I can’t imagine the developer wouldn’t bring it back as a permanent fixture, if the demand is there.

Given that rivals PUBG and Fortnite have always solo modes, and Apex has already comfortably established itself as a lot more than a copycat to either game, I think Respawn could easily offer Solos long-term at this point and avoid any criticism.

It’s worth noting that neither EA or Respawn has confirmed how many players will be able to enter a Solos match, but I’d hope it’s close – if not more – than the player count for Duos. If nothing else, I’m super interested to see how Apex would work with around 60 players all out for themselves, as opposed to featuring groups of people (at least trying) to work together.


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Since launch, Apex Legends has really revolved around team work – perhaps more so than Fortnite or PUBG, so suddenly flipping the tables and focusing on an “every man for themselves” approach would be the best kind of chaos.

Apex Legends has gone from strength to strength since kicking off Season 2 last month – I mean, the giant invading reptiles alone were enough to get me to play again. I can’t wait to see what other surprises Respawn has in store for the battle royale.

I also can’t wait to play alone, because alone is what I do best. Edgy, right?


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