Ariana Grande Reveals New Tattoo Of Her Favourite Pokemon

by : Ewan Moore on : 16 Jan 2019 14:39

Popstar and all round excellent human being Ariana Grande has been getting into the equally excellent Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee of late, and who can blame her? It’s a nostalgic smile of a game. 


The “Thank U, Next” singer recently revealed on Twitter that she’s been binging the latest Pokemon adventure, playing for an impressive 15 hours straight during a day off. Time well spent, I’m sure we can all agree.

Fast forward a few days, and Grande is now quite literally wearing her love for Pokemon on her sleeve, with an adorable new tattoo of Eevee. For those who don’t know, Eevee is a diverse little critter capable of evolving into eight different types of monster; Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon.

However, in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee the titular monster doesn’t actually evolve, and instead journeys with you as your main partner Pokemon. It usually hangs out on the top of your head and occasionally pesters you for treats.


Oh, you can also dress it up in various outfits and train it to be a deadly killer in battle, so I can see why Grande might have become so enamoured with it.

Los Angeles–based tattoo artist first revealed Grande’s swish new ink on his Instagram page, dedicating the picture to “the best Pokémon trainer in the game.” At first I thought he might have been referring to me, but he tagged Grande in the post. Rude.

It’s been pointed out by some that this new Eevee tattoo is much larger than the rest of Grande’s current ink, implying her love for the fuzzy critter looms large in her heart.

Personally, I can’t really claim much of a knowledge regarding Ariana Grande’s existing tattoos (it’s my secret sorrow), so I’ll just assume that she got Eevee inked at that size because it made the most sense.

While we’re here, I’d just like to stake my claim on Eevee being the best and cutest Pokemon around, and will gladly fight anyone who claims otherwise.

Ewan Moore

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