Assassin’s Creed Empire Rumoured To Have Leaked Online


It looks like somebody somewhere is keen to start a new Assassin’s Creed rumour, based on a new screenshot that’s been doing the rounds on the web.

What we’ve all heard on the internet grapevine thus far is that the next game in the free-running kill ’em up franchise is called AC: Empire, and is set in ancient Egypt.

You can see the image pertaining to be from the game above, but I’d keep a hefty dose of salt to hand as the whole thing seems very, very questionable.

The first story seems to have come from IGN Italy, via a NeoGAF thread, while both of these sites stress that the screenshot is entirely unconfirmed – fair enough.

Both sites then credit the image to a thread on the r/Assassins_Creed subreddit, which was uploaded a few days ago under the title ‘you know what this is?’

The author gives no further details, though interestingly the user (Ovidex) has shared the image before r/gaming, calling it Assassin’s Creed Empire – so why would he post again asking if people know what it is?

As Kotaku points out , the first time Ovidex posted the image it was much smaller, and a much lower resolution – why share a low quality version of the image on purpose? It all seems a little odd.

So what can we take away from today? I think for one, it’s almost certain that this ‘leaked’ image is a fake. With that said, I don’t think an Assassin’s Creed set in Egypt can be ruled out entirely, because the idea is far too good.