Assassin’s Creed Movie Gets Host Of New Info, Sequels Confirmed


The first trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie dropped last week, and and slew of information about the flick has now followed.

The trailer was met with cautious optimism from fans and sceptics alike, as it seemed to show Michael Fassbender doing a decent amount of assassinating in 15th century Spain. IGN reported that Executive Producer Pat Crowley said the film will take place 65 per cent in the present and only 35 per cent in the past. Because reasons.


It’s also emerged that you can get pre-order bonuses for the movie. It’s a movie about a videogame from Ubisoft so what did you expect? If you’re super serious about seeing the film, you can shell out for a host of different pre-order bonuses which range from £10 (for a ticket and a digital copy of the script) to £830 (which gets you a ticket, the script, a replica period accurate crossbow and a cheeky handy-j from Michael Fassbender). You can check out the full range on Kernel.


Topping off the Creed info today, is news that the movie will likely have not one, but two sequels. Both Michael Fassbender and Pat Cowley have admitted that work on a prequel has already begun.

Cowley said:

It’s not a one-off. Everybody expects that this movie will continue.

Assassin’s Creed will be hitting cinemas in the UK on December 21.