Bad News For Stand Alone Version Of Modern Warfare Remastered

by : Ewan Moore on : 03 Oct 2016 10:28

Ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered was announced, fans have wanted to know one thing: Will they really need to buy Infinite Warfare just to play it?


When both games were unveiled a few months back, it certainly seemed that the only way fans could play the Modern Warfare remaster was to pick up one of the costly premium editions of Infinite Warfare, which start at around £70.


Naturally, rumours have abounded that we’ll probably be able to pick up the remaster separately at some point, but a new report suggests this may not be the case at all – at least for a good long while.

Call of Duty fansite Charlie Intel have actually picked up on a rather troubling line of text from the Modern Warfare Remastered website, which strongly hints that you’ll need the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare disc inserted to play the game.


Here’s what it says:

Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download (game disc must be inserted to play Modern Warfare Remastered). Internet connection required.


Obviously, those that buy the Digital Deluxe version of Infinite Warfare won’t be affected by this, since that premium bundle is – as the name suggests – digital only, and comes with a download for Modern Warfare Remastered.

One very sneaky reason that Activision would put this curious restriction in place for physical copies of Infinite Warfare is to stop people from selling the game on as soon as they’ve downloaded COD 4.

Activision has been pretty noncommittal when it comes to whether or not they’ll release the remaster separately – if it does ever happen, don’t expect it for a while.

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