Batman: Arkham HD Collection Reportedly Leaked Alongside Release Date


A shiny new HD collection for the Batman: Arkham series is apparently on its way, according to a leaked email and a PEGI listing.

A GameStop employee apparently sent pictures in to Eurogamer of the as yet unannounced collection of superb Batman games.

Curiously, it only seems to contain Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Obviously Arkham Knight wouldn’t need a re-release since it’s a current gen game, but the prequel Arkham Origins is missing – although many consider that as a low point in the series, so there probably won’t be many complaints.

You can take a look at the leaked image and PEGI listing below. As you might imagine, the remasters are set to feature updated visuals and include all DLC for both titles.


As you can see, the PEGI listing claims the game is out today (April 19) but Eurogamer report that this is just when pre-orders start, so we’ll find out soon enough whether or not this is legit.

Let’s be real though, literally anyone could have knocked the above image up on Word and sent it in. Still, if turns out to be legit, the Arkham HD Collection release date is reported as June 10 for PS4 and Xbox One.