Batman Arkham Knight Is No Longer Coming To Mac/Linux


Bad luck Mac/Linux users: Warner Bros have announced on Steam that Batman: Arkham Knight is no longer coming to either system. Not to rub it in, but Arkham Knight was pretty fucking amazing on consoles (you’ve only got yourself to blame for using a Mac to game on, really). 

Don’t worry if you pre-ordered the title – developers confirmed that you’ll be able to apply for a refund through Steam, so there’s that at least.

Despite having a pretty great time of it on consoles, Arkham Knight also faced a huge amount of trouble during its PC launch. Frame rate stutters, long loading times, and frequent crashes were just some of the problems. After (again) offering refunds for PC users, Rocksteady still managed to get that version fixed in the end (took ’em a while though).

Feral Interactive are the publishers who were tasked with porting Arkham Knight to Mac and Linux. The ports were originally announced last March, then delayed in October. Feral have previously worked on a few Mac ports, including Arkham Asylum and its sequel Arkham City. 

It would appear third time is not the charm in this case. Helpfully, no explanation has been offered as to why the ports were cancelled.