Battlefield 1 Beta Stats Are In, And It Was Colossal


You might have heard that a little game called Battlefield 1 had a beta not too long ago, and now EA have released some stats. Turns out it did well. Really well.

If you played the beta, it will come as little surprise to you that it was the biggest beta in the history of EA, attracting in excess of 13 million players, running from August 30 to September 8. For comparison, the Star Wars Battlefront beta wrangled in a paltry 9 million players.

Check out the handy dandy infographic below.


I’m fairly sure I made up a good 50% of people killed by horseback riders, as they were pretty OP. Anyway, DICE’s Senior producer Aleks Grondal spoke on the game’s website about the numbers.

He said:

I want to personally thank you all for the great feedback you’ve given us. We’re trawling through forum posts, social media mentions, and digging into some great data. We’re identifying what worked well, and what didn’t work as well. We truly value your input. In the near future, we’ll have more details on the changes we’ll be making to the full version of the game.

Fingers crossed those light tank get a nerf too. Battlefield 1 is heading our way October 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.