Battlefield 1 Breaks Eye-Watering Records For DICE



This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but Battlefield 1’s launch has produced some big fat numbers for DICE and EA.

As a result, developer DICE decided to release an infographic detailing all the important numbers for the World War I shooter between October 18-27.

Overall, Battlefield 1 has become the ‘biggest launch in DICE history’ based on the number of daily active players. The developer didn’t get too into specifics, but the new Battlefield is ahead of Battlefield 4 when it comes to the number of people who played during launch week.

Jaw-droppingly, players have already spent a collective 59 million hours in the game (9 million of which were spent in the Operations mode).

In addition, there have been 32 million backpacks earned, and 1.6 million Behemoth vehicles deployed. The horse seems to be one of the deadliest modes of transport, with 5.8 million soldiers fallen to the bloody hooves of death.

The most popular melee weapon is the combat knife, while the favourite Operation is Conquer Hell. You can find the full infographic over at the official Battlefield website.

Disappointingly, neither DICE nor EA has confirmed just how much Battlefield 1 has sold just yet, but one analyst reckons the shooter could have shifted as many as 16.5 million units.