Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Mystery Finally Cracked


Battlefield 1 isn’t exactly a game known by the masses for its elaborate puzzles, but a dedicated core of gamers have been hard at work for months trying to crack a mysterious Easter egg. 

When a series of Morse code messages were found in the WWI shooter in October, initial attempts to make sense of them led nowhere, with the messages translating to nothing more than nonsense – this changed in November.

The new message translated to:


Intriguing, no? Unfortunately, it wasn’t until this month that those instructions arrived when the Morse code message changed again.

YouTuber jackfrags helpfully broke down the process of solving the puzzle, which is different for each player. Essentially, a unique message will send you to a certain map, at which point you need to find a hidden symbol, which in turn unlocks a new message which sends you on to another map.

This elaborate hunt will eventually take all players to the Giant’s Shadow map, where they must wait in a certain spot for two minutes for a carrier pigeon to arrive with the prize.

So what incredible prize do players get for completing such a convoluted series of tasks? A dog tag.

It’s a little underwhelming, to be honest, but the dog tag itself does hold the promise of further mystery. It alludes to ‘a beginning’, and we’re told it doesn’t belong to us… but what does that mean?

It’s not clear where this will lead players next, but those who have the dog tag receive a new message – only it’s packed with odd gasps and screams.

Clearly, this isn’t the end of Battlefield 1’s mysteries – not by a long shot.