Battlefield 1 Getting New Custom Game Mode, Here’s What We Know


DICE has announced what we can expect for Battlefield 1 for the remainder of January and into February. 

The developer revealed in a recent blog post that a new custom game called Bleed Out will arrive to the WWI shooter on January 18, and teased a further update for February.

Bleed Out is essentially a version of Rush where downed soldiers will die faster, and there’s no health regeneration. This should lead to some pretty tense games, and keep those medics on their toes.

DICE has been regularly releasing new Custom Modes for Battlefield 1 since the game’s launch, and I’m sure we can expect many more in the future.

Looking a little further down the road, February will see a major update come to the game. DICE isn’t talking specifics just yet, but noted that we can expect ‘gameplay improvements’ based on fan feedback and their own testing.

The last major update for Battlefield 1 saw a number of welcome gameplay tweaks, and also a brand new (free) map called Giant’s Shadow – hopefully the February update delivers another freebie.

Finally, DICE reminded players the paid They Shall Not Pass expansion is coming in March, but beyond the inclusion of the French Army and some concept art, we’re still not sure what else this DLC will introduce.