Battlefield 1 Is Getting A New Game Mode, Here’s What To Expect



A brand, spanking new Battlefield 1 custom game will arrive this week, as recently confirmed by developer DICE.

Called Line of Sight, it’s an interesting new take on the classic Rush, in that you can only play as the Medic or Scout classes, offering a refreshing change of pace for those of you who are starting to get a bit bored of vanilla Rush.


Not content to end the twists there, Scouts will deal double bullet damage, making them truly deadly little fuckers. Unfortunately, the Medics are granted no extra perks, and will have work twice as hard to keep up and make sure everyone stays alive.

The new mode will arrive at some point this week, although DICE haven’t given an exact date or time yet, so just keep an eye out.

Battlefield 1’s first custom game was a little number called Fog of War, which saw extra fog randomly dispersed across the map, making it harder to see.

DICE also wanted to remind players that the World War 1 shooter’s first DLC map will be out very soon – Giant’s Shadow is coming out in December as a free download for all players.

Beyond custom games and free maps, the first paid Battlefield 1 expansion (called They Shall Not Pass) comes out in March 2017.