Battlefield 1 Is Smashing Infinite Warfare On YouTube In A Big Way


In the endless, bitter war between fans of Battlefield and fans of Call of Duty, it seems that this day, Battlefield fans have claimed another victory. 

You may remember the fan campaign to mass dislike the Infinite Warfare trailer on YouTube? Well according to Forbes, it’s now the most disliked trailer in YouTube history, with a cool 1,472,799 outraged fans at time of writing, so… well done, I guess?

Battlefield 1 meanwhile, has 1,155,895 likes to a mere 20,000 dislikes going for it, taking it into the top 250 most liked videos ever, and securing its place as the most liked trailer of all time – and that includes across movies, and TV.

Now then, I can’t deny that Battlefield absolutely smashed Call of Duty out of the water with their reveal trailer – for a start they actually gave the fans what they’ve been asking for, which is what I think those in the know call a good business decision.

But I can’t help but think that something odd is going on. Forbes also notes that it’s super strange for a trailer to have amassed so many likes in four days. Another fan campaign? Is YouTube the hot new venue for passive aggressive online protest?

Whatever the case, this year we’re gonna get two FPS titles with wildly different settings.

Lots of people will buy one, a few people will buy both, and in the end we’ll all enjoy our chosen purchases. I know we can’t just leave it at that, but I wish we could. Oh, how I wish we could.