Battlefield 1 Might Be Adding Three Big Additions Soon


Despite releasing in October, publisher EA and developer DICE show no signs of slowing down when it comes to support for Battlefield 1

The World War I shooter was one of the most popular multiplayer games of 2016, and from the sounds of what DICE has planned, could easily remain a must-play title throughout 2017.

According to recent rumblings on that-there internet (you know the one), there’s a brand new behemoth (massive vehicle) coming to Battlefield 1.

As Battlefield Bulletin reported on Twitter, the new behemoth is a German prototype called the ‘Ribe’, which never left the factory during the war.

Of course, DICE are clearly able to take some artistic license with their game, and so it looks like the Ribe may well finally see the light of day, albeit in a purely digital capacity.

In addition, DICE producer Ali Hassoon recently revealed that password-protected servers will soon be making their way to the game, and that the search for an e-Sports Competitive Gaming Commissioner has begun, in an effort to help Battlefield 1 join the competitive scene.

The next major (and first paid) expansion is called They Shall Not Pass, and introduces the French army to the fray- we’ll be learning more about that this week, but for now you can watch a brief teaser above.