Battlefield 1 Reveals All Modes And Maps, Including War Pigeons


Somewhere, in the darkest part of CBS’s forgotten kid’s shows, Dick Dastardly has just been triggered. Battlefield 1 will have War Pigeons.

Announced among a whole slew of other modes and maps, War Pigeons is definitely the one that’s got people talking. Mainly because it’s so bizarre, it actually sound like a real hoot.

We also know that there will be nine maps available at launch. Here’s a run down of each (via GamesRadar+)

Ballroom Blitz

– Battle through a pristine chateau and smash some chandeliers.


Argonne Forest

– Ambush the enemy in this infantry focused deep-woods map.



– Fight on the banks of the canal or flank up into the dunes while evading mortar fire.


The St. Quentin Scar

– Close-quarters village brawls meet long distance sniper vantages.

Sinai Desert

– Keep your head down in this arid paradise for snipers and aviators.



– Stick to the bridges and railways or grit your teeth for hectic urban warfare.

Monte Grappa

– Italians scale the Alps as Austro Hungarians beat them back with cannon fire.

Empire’s Edge

– A fortified shoreline is a perfect opportunity for some battleship barrages.


Giant’s Shadow (Free DLC in December)

– Infantry, tanks, and a train clash in the open air.


If you’re really into maps, you’ll get the full compliment of 16 by forking out for the Battlefield 1 season pass. Because that’s what you have to do nowadays.

Here’s a quick run down of all the announced modes too.


– The classic Battlefield experience, capture and defend spawn points.


– A more close-quarters, infantry-focused version of Conquest.


– Fight across multiple maps in an extended campaign of Attack and Defense.


– Attackers try to destroy Telegraph Posts while Defenders use them to call in artillery.

War Pigeons

– Secure the pigeon coup! Carry a pigeon to safety! Send it off to call in a strike!

Team Deathmatch

– Shoot the bad guys, not the good guys.

Battlefield 1 will be heading our way October 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.