Battlefield 1 Veteran Gives Advice On How To Boss The Game

by : Ewan Moore on : 05 Jan 2017 10:42

Did you get Battlefield 1 for Christmas? Find yourself intimidated by the folk who have been playing since October, and just want to know how to git gud? 


Thankfully, Imgur user  (yes, we do) has put together a pretty good guide based on they’ve learned as a rank 60 in the World War One shooter.

Naturally, they’ve seen and done some shit, and they have some sound advice to offer. Let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?

The first slice of advice pie served up is perhaps the simplest: ‘Play the fucking objective’.


Our guide essentially reckons the best way in many situations is to ‘ignore all chaos going around you and just rush straight to the objective as infantry’.

It’s also advised that you shouldn’t engage an opponent unless they’ve spotted you or are about to spot you, while tanks should never be engaged unless they spot you, which shouldn’t happen if you’re fast enough.

As an aside, the OP does point out that if they do run away from a tank, they mark it for fellow players to be aware of it – that’s fucking teamwork.

In essence, get to the objective as swiftly and as sneakily as you can, and definitely don’t ‘run along out in the open into gunfire looking in a single direction’ – rather, ‘zig zag across the lowest points in the terrain, looking anywhere and everywhere for any sign of movement or contrast’.

Y also has some sound advice for what to do once at the objective:

Once you’re at the objective find a good corner to but your back into and hunker down until reinforcements arrive or you’ve killed all the enemies. Make sure no one saw you go into said corner as well If the objective is turning blue then still keep an eye peeled, if it’s not going anywhere that means that you and the enemy are even so watch out. If you get rushed by the enemy it’s sometimes smart to just hid and wait for them to leave the objective again


If you’re worried that not focusing on kills will lead to a low ranking, our friendly guide (who is rank 60, remember) insists that if you focus on playing the objective and play smart, you can usually come out on top with as few as seven kills.

Some final words of wisdom from OP:

I would also recommend leveling up at least two if not three classes at the same rate so you have multiple options that are half decent instead of one decent option I personally have medic and support at 10 with assault coming in at 8. I don’t snipe often so that’s lvl 4.

Their favourite class is medic, in case you were wondering, and you can check them out in action below.

If you’re hungry for some more excellent advice (including how best to deal with tanks), I thoroughly recommend checking out the original post here.

You can also check out their YouTube channel here, for definitive proof that they are in fact awesome at Battlefield 1. 

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