Battlefield 1’s New Map, Weapons, Behemoth And More Shown Off In Video


Thanks to Battlefield 1’s Community Test Environment server, we now have our first proper look at the They Shall Not Pass expansion. 

Videos from the testing environment have started cropping up, detailing the new maps and vehicles that come with the WWI shooter’s first expansion.

Take a look at one of the videos below, but be aware that certain aspects of the content could change before release – that’s kind of the point of the test sever, after all.

They Shall Not Pass introduces the French army to Battlefield 1. It also adds four new France-set maps: Fort De Vaux, Verdun Heights, Soissons, and Rupture.

A mode called Frontlines, which has been described as somewhere between Conquest and Rush, is also being added with the expansion.

Fort De Vaux features prominently in the newly released videos, as does the new Behemoth: the Char 2C tank, a beast of a vehicles which is based on a real-world French tank.

You can also feast your eyes on the Lebel bolt action rifle, a new weapon with decent power and a medium range. More video goodness can be seen just below.

They Shall Not Pass is expected to arrive sometime in March, but DICE have yet to share a solid release date beyond that. Those who have the Battlefield 1 premium pass will be able to get their hands on the expansion a full two weeks before anyone else.